Promoting economic development is done providing benefits and financing new investments.

Legal entities registering businesses are eligible for numerous benefits:

  • total exemption from the company name display fee;
  • refund of fees for registering business entity and registration of alteration in the court registry for legal persons,
  • refund of service fees and the costs of the services as regards connecting to the electrical grid
  • refund of service fees, the costs of work and services as regards connecting to the water supply and the sewer networks
  • refund of fees required for obtaining the urban, building and exploitation permits;
  • refund for the amount of electric energy and water consumed equal to the difference between the electricity and water prices paid by a legal person and a residence respectively
  • refund for each new recruitment of the unemployed persons
  • reimbursement for taxes and contribution fees during maternity leave
  • reimbursement equal to the amount of money used for new investments for the purposes of fixed capital purchase after realization of the right to full exemption on the annual tax return, by reducing the tax base by the investment amount, in accordance with the Corporate Tax Law of the Brčko District of BiH
  • partial reimbursement for spending on certificates

To be eligible for benefits, a company has to fulfill certain conditions:

  • It has been founded and registered according to the legal regulations of the Brčko District BiH
  • It has its seat within the Brčko District of BiH
  • At least 50% (fifty percent) of its total full-time employees are resident in the Brčko District of BiH,
  • The company has fulfilled its legal obligations concerning taxes, the taxes and contributions as regards salaries and wages, utilites as well as renting business and public spaces owned by the Brčko District of BiH,
  • It has not been sanctioned for employing persons with no contract of employment.
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