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In order to jump-start your business activities, MSG Virtual offers you a wide spectrum of services.
There are numerous companies, associations, entrepreneurs and foundations operating across a country or the globe, with no obligation whatsoever to be tied to to any particular location for the sake of their work. They choose a certain place, such as Brčko in this case, for the seat of their branch or head offices, their contact center or check point to connect them with clients and business partners, associates, organizations and institutions.
Those who usually decide to use the services of the virtual office are:
  • newly founded companies, both home and abroad, who decided to enter our market
  • IT and consulting companies/agencies
  • legal persons engaging in business activities on the internet
  • start-ups
  • small businesses
  • legal persons with a smaller employee number
  • legal persons with a considerable number of employees who happen to live in different city parts or different cities and states
  • companies that simply want to have their seat in Brčko due to numerous advantages and benefits of doing business in this area

A prestigious location
in the city center of Brčko

The internet and the modern age have brought about the possibility of doing business online, allowing employees to be in different places at the same time or spend a certain number of weekly hours operating from home. That is why the virtual-office model is becoming an increasingly attractive for companies whose employees can work from wherever they find it convenient.

It is exactly our company that makes it possible for such organizations and individuals to have their share of a business oasis by means of the virtual office located in the center of Brčko, at 22 Bulevar mira – with no expense whatsoever involved in equipping the office, maintenance, utilities and the like.

Geographic Location

Brčko is known for its excellent geographic position – it is situated at the crossroads between – and partly close – to roads and centers of the regional, European, and even global importance. As a special and autonomous local community within Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Brčko District of BiH has its own government and asembly, its laws and taxes and additionally offers many privileges and benefits, as well as incentives and support to enterprises. Furthermore, the registration of new legal persons is relatively simple and easy.

In addition to having the location for the firm address in our virtual office, you can entrust us with all the work concerning company registration and accounting.

Why Brčko
Opening and setting up a typical traditional office may be an exhausting process

Easy business launch with MSG virtual services

Companies and entrepreneurs

The virtual office is – as you can guess – a virtual one, thus making it possible for a company, an entrepreneur, a foundation or a philantropist to operate in any city or town within BiH, and still have their registered office in Brčko. The address itself carries no significance for small independent entrepreneurs, whose basic equipment consists of a computer and the internet and who are able to reach their clients from any location offering internet or phone connection, so they may – by enjoying the benefits of the virtual office – have both their business address and the connection with clients.

Associations and Foundations

While generally doing field work, associations as well as foundations have their addresses in the virtual office. Big companies or branch offices, whose employees are primariliy not desk-bound, have an ideal opportunity to do business by means of the virtual office. We easily adapt to your needs and gladly respond to your requests, putting the office at your disposal from 08:00 to 22:00.

Starting at
+ VAT / per month
Seat/Firm registration address Seat/Firm registration address
Mailbox and a displayed firm logo Mailbox and a displayed firm logo
Mail notice and mail serviceMail notice and mail service
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Advantages for branch offices

No equipment and maintenance costs
High-speed internet free of charge
Flexible working hours
A modern conference room with additional equipment
The District encourages foreign investment and supports business initiatives
Everything under one roof: company registration, office rooms, accounting, conference room
Each newly founded company in the Brčko District of BiH is stimulated by numerous tax reliefs
We receive and/or forward your mail, receive and send emails, take phone calls and arrange meetings

Working hours flexibility

One of the major advantages the virtual office affords is the flexibility of working hours. It is exactly you who will enjoy the freedom of managing both your working hours and duties, while our task will be to receive and/or forward your mail, receive and send emails, answer phone calls and arrange meetings. If you should need an in-person meeting with a client – we put at your disposal a conference room with all the additional equipment.

Our (and your) Virtual Office is located in a prestigious part of Brčko – right in the city center, at an easily accessible address (22 Bulevar mira) with its own parking place and all the city and public institutions nearby. Consequently, your company’s home office sits at a most attractive location, conveys an impression of utter professionalism on your part, speaks volumes about the seriousness of your company and instills trust in your clients, further adding to the performance and a positive image of your ventures. Simultaneously, renting the virtual office saves you time, money und administrative work.

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