The geostrategic position of Brčko District BiH is exceptionally good.

This local community with 85.000 inhabitants is situated in the northeastern part of Bosnia and Herzegovina – practically at the gates of the European Union. The Brčko District is located 20 km from the tripoint between Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and Croatia, that is, the European Union and is roughly equidistant from the centers of the following cities: Belgrade (200 km), Zagreb (270 km) i Sarajevo (210 km). Situated on the right bank of the international Sava river with an urban area of 493,3 km², it occupies less than 1% of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Though an integal part of BiH, the Brčko District of BiH is a unique self-governing unit with its own laws, institutions and government.

As an economic unit, Brčko is woven into the Dunav–Drava–Sava- and Drina–Sava–Majevica regions. It is indeed the center of the Bosnian Posavina (the region of the Sava river basin near the river itself) and the pivotal point of the main road routes extending from east to west and from north to south, as well as one of the rare multimodal transport junctions with the road, rail and river traffic and the only international river port in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The market economy and the private property are intrinsically intertwined. Each region striving to achieve a quick economic development should create a business environment enhancing the expansion of private entrepreneurial ideas and companies. The Brčko District of BiH endeavors to become such a region and is well on track to achieving its goals.

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