Coming into force, the Association and Foundation Act brings about major changes in the way non-governmental sector activities are done in the District of Brčko. It clearly states that NGO head offices cannot be located at home addresses, which will certainly present an obstacle to those operating this way.

In that case a re-registration of the head office is required, which is one of the services MSG Virtual offers. At an affordable price and with no delay we offer re-registration services to facilitate the whole process for you.

Need a re-registration?

The association is founded by mutual agreement, by which a group consisting of three or more juridical or natural persons (all combinations possible) associate voluntarily for the sake of some mutual or public interest, with no intention of earning profits.

The association acquires the status of a juridical person upon entry into the Court register of the Brčko District of BiH.

A foundation is a juridical person founded by one or more natural or juridical persons, aiming to manage a certain property for the sake of the public interest or charity.

Associations or foundations cannot be established either by the state, entities, the District, cantons, cities, municipalities, public authorities, state-owned enterprises, funds or by any other state institution or organisation.

Register entry application is submitted within fifteen days after the articles of association/incorporation are filed. The entry application will be submitted along with the following documents:

  • articles of association/incorporation
  • the statute of the association or a foundation
  • the list of the founders and the management members
  • names and addresses of persons authorized to represent associations or foundations in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • name of the association or foundation
  • a copy of the association or foundation logo, and
  • goals of the association or foundation
  • if the association or foundation to be entered in the commercial register is a foreign one, it is necessary to submit the following:
  • proof that the organization has the status of a legal person abroad
  • the statement regarding description of the activities to be conducted in Brčko
  • name, address and telephone number of the organization’s seat in the home country and of the main representative office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, if there is one
  • the full name and profession of the person in charge of the organization’s main representative office in Bosnia and Herzegovina. If the organization has no such representative office in BiH, it is necessary to specify the first name, family name and the occupation of the person in charge of the organization’s work in Bosnia and Herzegovina and
  • given name, family name, address, occupation and telephone number of the person authorized by the organization to be its legal representative in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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