This is the most cost-effective country to start your business in

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Tax havens are countries in which certain kinds of revenue are not subject to particular burdens, so they ensure special privileges to foreign investors in order to attract them to their territories.

You probably thought that Cyprus, Andorra and Liechtensein were genuine tax havens? In that respect, however, there is one country standing head and shoulders above all, and that is Bosnia and Herzegovina.

We checked the tax rates in the neighboring countries and in the countries commonly known as ‘tax havens’.

Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta – these are all countries having considerably higher tax rates than the one in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In the picture below you can check the exact percentages and see for yourself that we easily beat the competition with the tax rate of just 10%.

The most cost-effective country to start your business in


This fact is noteworthy to any businessperson, because it clearly suggests that in BiH a pleasant business climate has been created, recommending itself to anyone willing to invest and enjoy a tax haven.

When it comes to opting for a country to make investments or run a business in, we have left the choices up to you.

However, if you should decide to make use of all the fiscal benefits in Bosnia and Herzegovina, we will gladly help.

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